Do you think you may have an alcohol problem?

If so, answering 5 simple questions will give an indication.
Please click on this version of the CAGE Questionnaire.

For a more detailed questionaire you can take the
Michigan Alcohol Screening Test.
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If your answers give an indication that you have a problem then Alcohol Counselling Service can provide an initial clinical assessment. This assessment will indicate whether you have a problem and the degree of the problem. This normally involves taking the Alcohol Use Inventory test. This is a confidential hand-scored test which comprises 228 questions. The results will give an objective assessment of your involvement with alcohol e.g. whether it is used socially or is used to cope with problems such as depression or marital difficulties.You can then decide whether to consider behavioural changes or to continue in counselling. Counselling will normally deal with understanding the illness of alcohol abuse and dependence. It will include tips for abstaining and strategies for relapse prevention including attendance at 12 step meetings. You will learn that there is a way to stop drinking.